Friday, March 25, 2011

I am a dummy

So let me start this post off by saying I really am a dummy and you can laugh at my stupidity as much as you want. My feelings won't be hurt.
Yesterday morning at work my friend was having a hard time getting the flip top lid on her bottle of water to open. So I so graciously offered to help her open it. I grabbed the first sharp pointy thing I could find, which was a long letter opener. I then tried jabbing the little tab that broke with the opener. It slipped and I sliced my finger. Let me just tell you that that letter opener was very sharp, apparently. It sliced my finger like butter.

Exhibit A

So, to leave out all of the gorry details, just know by the end of the day it was still bleeding. I went to the urgent care center and gave all of the staff there a good laugh. I had to get a tetanus shot and then they super-glued my finger. Oh I didn't tell you it is my middle finger so as I drive I give people the bird, and I don't even mean to. Matt just keeps shaking his head at me, I think he's ashamed. :) Everyone at work thinks I'm not the smartest apple in the bunch, and I'm sure they're considering taking my office supplies away. I don't really blame them.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Home at Last

The puppies are home!!! This past weekend we went up to Jeanne's house and picked up the poochies. It has been so wonderful having them home. They are adjusting pretty well. I was a little worried about the barking every time they hear the guy upstairs walking around, but surprisingly they haven't even acknowledged it. I talked to Jeanne yesterday and she said Max is having a hard time. He went looking in our room at Jeanne's house for them yesterday morning. Then she said he was moping this morning. I think it hit Macy this morning that she doesn't have Max to play with. She kept trying to get Brutus to play with her and he wanted nothing to do with her. I know they'll all adjust just fine, but it makes me sad for them right now. Here are a few pictures of them from yesterday.

When we got Brutus as a puppy Jeanne told us we should get this special tape to tape Brutus' ears down so they wouldn't stick up. We thought she was crazy. His ears were cute as a puppy. So, Matt folded his ears down and this is what Bruty would have looked like had we listened to Jeanne.

We've always said that Macy was a hateful little girl. Okay, she's not really hateful, she is just very stubborn. She can have quite the attitude. This is her sassy look.

I had forgotten how much fun we had with the dogs. It really has been so wonderful having them back with us. I feel so much better having them. I know Jeanne is relieved too. :)