Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Egg Hunts

We had our first Easter egg hunt of the day at our church on Saturday morning. While we were there the girls got to color eggs and make a craft. After they were done with that they got to go outside and go on a hunt. They each got 5 eggs and were so excited with their spoils.
Here they are posing before we left. Jasmine just couldn't smile normal with those bunny ears on.

Here was Jasmine getting ready for her egg.

Victoria was so excited to get her egg colored.

Here they are getting ready for the hunt with Nana by their sides.

Here is after the hunt with their finds!

The second hunt we did was at home. After their nap Grandma R and Grandpa R, as the girls decided to call them, went outside and hid a bunch of eggs. The girls were thrilled to go and find them.

Easter Bunny

We went to see the easter bunny at the mall. We couldn't take pictures and I sure wasn't going to buy any. So, I took pictures of the kids with their bunny ears on. We kept telling Jasmine to not make that face, but apparently she just couldn't resist.

Egg Dying

Matt's Mom and Roger came to see us for the weekend. This was the first time they got to see the girls and boy, were they ever spoiled. On Friday we decided to dye some easter eggs. The girls had a ton of fun. Warning: they had their shirts off because I was worried they'd get dye on their clothes. I think the pictures are still okay though.

The Flower Song

We got a new piano on Friday and Matt and Jasmine decided to do a performance for us. The quality isn't the best and you can only hear parts, but you can get the general idea of it. (Okay, not a new piano, but new to us!)