Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fun in the Sun

We bought a $5 slip and slide for the girls. The had an absolute blast. I was watching them go and next thing I know, Jasmine was doing some crazy flips and going down. I took a short video of it on my phone. The quality isn't the best but you can get the idea. :)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I'm sorry I've been a bad blogger lately. Things have been going fairly smoothly so I guess I've just forgotten to do any updates. The girls are doing very well. Jasmine had a rough time after her birthday with her behavior at school, but thankfully things have gotten much better there. Victoria is acting like a typical 3 year old and is making Matt want to pull his hair out. I just giggle about it, but he doesn't like when I do that. I got to go on vacation last week by myself and leave Matt at home with the girls and dogs. My sisters, mom and I went to the Outer Banks, NC for a full 7 days. It was wonderful!

While I was gone I got many, many updates from Matt. We were gone from Sunday to Sunday. On Monday evening Matt called and told me that the monster in Victoria came out Monday morning. She hates waking up and constantly tells us to "Go away, I'm sleepy!" I guess after a while of him trying to be nice he finally snapped. He told her if she didn't get out of bed he was going to pull her out, strip her clothes off and put her on the toilet. I'm sure the threat of a spanking was thrown in for good measure. She got up but asked him when is Lindsey coming home? So Matt asked her why was he mean? She told him yes, I want her to wake me up in the morning. Hearing that was music to my ears. :)

On Thursday night I got a ton of pictures texted to me. Come to find out when Matt got home from work on Thursday night Macy had had some major diarrhea in her cage, on the wall, on the carpet and basically everywhere. If this were a normal week and I would have been home, then I would have cleaned her, and the cage and the room. But, I wasn't, so Matt had the pleasure of cleaning it all up. On top of that, Jasmine had some stomach issues as well, but luckily, she can make it to the bathroom on her own. Needless to say, I had a lot of phone calls that evening and a very unhappy husband. Jasmine was able to sleep fine that night, but woke up sick the next morning, so Matt kept her home. But, before he made the decision to keep her home I got a phone call at 6:45 in the morning to ask my opinion. Ugh!

I came home on Sunday evening, and it couldn't have been a minute too soon for Matt. I think he wanted me back home Monday morning, but he was very kind about only asking me to come home once a day.

My sister Jeanne decided that the girls needed some hermit crabs. So, she bought them each a crab, but I will ultimately be taking care of them. If I left it up to the girls I'm pretty sure Victoria would have them out of their cages and pulled apart piece by piece. (She's very much into destructing stuff right now.) The girls enjoy sitting at the table and watching them. We keep them in the kitchen and we found out that's definitely the best place for them. Jeanne stayed Sunday night with us and heard the clickity-clackity of the crabs all night long, and said they kept making weird noises. Ha ha! So, the crabs definitely won't be going in the girls room.

Jasmine will be out of school on Friday, and I've yet to decide what I'm going to do with them for the summer. Their babysitter Katie, whom they loved so, so much, has moved on to bigger and better things (Alaska), so I've got to figure something out. We will be doing a lot of weekend traveling though over the next month or so, so that will definitely keep us busy and wanting to pull all of our hair out. I keep thinking we should have bought a minivan in January instead of my Altima. :( The girls and dogs are not going to be happy travelers, but we'll just make due. I'll try to get some pictures off of my phone and Matt's so I can post them soon.